One autumn day when I was about 17, my parents took myself and a friend to Achill Island. It was my first time there. I remember walking towards Keem beach and noticing people making hay. I was immediately struck by the colour of the hay, against the deep blue sea. Also a woman was wearing a red shirt all these colours with the white houses dotted around made a lovely picture. I thought I would love to paint it. But then reality set in, and I thought to myself I dont think I will ever be able to paint pictures. How could someone who was kept in after school for not been able to sew , rise to the lofty heights of actually painting a picture so I dismissed the dream from my mind.

Several years later after recovering from a long illness, the specialist asked me was there something I always wanted to do. Initially I thought I was on the way out with only a short time to live but no I was going to be around for quite some time . She just wanted me to make up for all the years I lost throught being ill so I enrolled in art classes, such a joy , such fun, a complete new world. After ten years of classes I ventured to submit work into the RHA and the dream became a reality.


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